All-National Honor Guitar Ensemble

In the fall of 2018, NAfME added the first All-National Honor Guitar Ensemble as a part of the ANHE line up.  Dr. Michale Quantz was the first conductor and Bill Swick was the ensemble manager.  The inclusion of guitar at the national level gives music educators a reason to raise the bar for guitar education, a reason to participate in district and all-state guitar ensembles, and a reason to prepare students to the highest level imaginable.  The accomplishment of preparing students to be accepted in the all-national honor ensemble speaks for itself.  Those who have already done this know the feeling.  It is an opportunity available to every teacher and every student.


The 2018 All-National Honor Ensembles Conductor Spotlight:  Dr. Michael Quantz

New Opportunities for Guitar Students:  An Interview with Bill Swick

Views from 2018 All-National Honor Guitar Ensemble Members